Friday, 13 April 2007

What makes Software so fascinating!

Is it because it runs our country from planes to nuclear plants?

Is it because it has significantly transformed our day to day life?

Is it because it has freed us from our physical limitations?

I was born while Software was still in research labs. However, as grew up, Software did as well, learning fast, relentlessly breaking frontiers year after year, without ever stopping.

While I was a teenager, my big brother bought a Commodore 64. What a beast is was! If I remember well, in less than a year the Software running on this old beaten plastic box evolved from basic to pure assembler then finally stabilised on C (for the non technical these are old relatively unused programming languages).

Looking back on this, it seems like history. My Commodore must be nearly as powerful as the computer in my phone (but surely far more reliable). Even in my wildest dreams I never thought that this would happen: this is just a damn phone after all.

Being in the Software industry myself, I can see that it does run my live. No doubt. It is there at work watching my every move; it is waiting for me patiently at home … It has just taken over my phone and soon my car (scary thought). I have even heard rumours of people plugging little microchips in their arms. Where will it stop? I can see a picture building here, Isaac may be found a visionary.

Yes, Software has undoubtedly evolved at a rate nothing else has. It has over passed other technologies by a significant margin (although not on all aspects; read quality). It has changed the way we live; it has changed the way we communicate and it will soon become an integral part of our most private sanctuary: our body.

Software is in the process of transforming us entirely, no escaping. Don’t be mistaken, Software is still very much in its infancy. What we see today, will very likely be history in less than a decade. In a decade or so Software will start walking like a young child, be prepared, one day it will leave us behind.

In this blog, I shall give you an insight on the small ongoing evolutions that may eventually turn into fantastic revolutions transforming our society in ways that our mind may not be able to comprehend or imaging … yet.

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