Friday, 13 April 2007

How to stop Windows beeping?

I always found quite annoying the Windows beep that wake the office when on a difficult Monday morning I struggle to enter my password.

Why can't Windows just say: "Sorry dear, you had too many beers yesterday, you mistyped your password again, let me help you ..." In 100 years maybe!

The solution to that embarrassing affliction is relatively easy even for a non computer savvy (but follow the steps carefully).

The beeper is a prehistoric feature of Windows which appears under the device manager. To remove it follow these steps:

  • go on my computer and select "view system information",
  • in the hardware tab select "device manager",
  • then in device manager go in view and select "show hidden devices",
  • go under "non plug and play drivers",
  • finally you can see an entry called "Beep" device.
That is it. You can now select the beast, disable and also deinstall it if you wish. Nasty think is it!

This post was written and tested on Windows XP Home.

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Thank you for this wonderful post! My ears would thank you if they could