Friday, 13 April 2007

How to make Windows display and react faster?

I always found Windows a bit slow. Actually it get slower and slower over time. That is because of the applications installed (nasty services) and the defragmentation of the drives. This time we are not going to talk about such complicated things. Maybe in a following session.

There is an easy way to make Windows user interface goes faster without forking out money for a CPU or memory upgrade: get rid of some of the snazzy but useless visual effect of Windows:

  • go on "My Conmputer" and select "View system information",
  • go on "Advance" tab and "Performance / Settings",
  • finally select for "Adjust for best performance",
  • Ok and you are done.
Windows will start looking funny, that is fine, just go back in the same panel and adjust the settings manually.

This is post was written and tested on a Windows XP Home.

Have fun.

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